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Paramao Root Oil 

Hundreds of years ago Paramao Root Oil was discovered on two small islands on the Indonesian Archipelago. Considering there are more than 17,000 islands that constitute Indonesia, this makes Paramao Root Oil very rare indeed!! The Paramao Tree that the oil is derived from, was then known as the Lawang Tree.

As the story is told, over four hundred years ago, a villager discovered that if a leaf, root or bark from a particular plant was rubbed on to his swollen and painful joints, he received considerable relief.


It wasn't long before the villagers discovered the art of distilling the oil from the leaves, bark and root of this plant, which was to become known as the Paramao Tree. As the tree was unique to their two islands, it gave them a very valuable product with which to barter among other islands.

Over a period of time they discovered other uses for the oil. By gently massaging oil into the forehead, the pain of headaches was greatly reduced and by applying a small amount to an aching tooth again relief was found. In the case of colds and symptoms of flu, they would rub oil on their chests and add a few drops of oil to boiling water and then inhale the steam. But the main use was and still is for the relief of pain caused by Arthritis and Muscular Ailments.

Through word of mouth Paramao Root Oil became available throughout Indonesia. To this day, Paramao Root Oil is not distributed in a large commercial fashion in Indonesia (e.g. shops and chemists) however the Manufacturer Udin can be found selling at the Bali Spirit Festivals, Yoga Festivals, Canggu Market and Sanur Market and Bemo Corner Coffee Shop in Kuta stocks our oil for ease of purchase of the 100% product. You will find the diluted version is sold by hawkers in the streets and on the beach as it has been for about 30 years.

Note: As of June 2016 there is now a retail outlet in Kuta, Bali, selling the oil for the Sole International Agents Jenny and Adam and for every sale a donation of a bottle of water is given to be supplied to homeless, the needy or an orphanage as decided by our local stockist. February 2017 saw the inclusion of two more outlets in Bali.

Paramao Root Oil was said to be a product from one tree and almost impossible to replicate artificially. The source of this oil  a very jealously guarded secret by the villagers and by the manufacturer and his family that produce it.

Paramao Root Oil has been analysed by one of Australia's leading laboratories to check for any impurities and has been found safe for use by both humans and animals.

Update March 2017


Paramao Oil has been tested to give a breakdown of the trees properties. The University testing the oil said this oil is quite unique and the properties within the tree tested as being very potent, unlike any other.

Paramao seems to have an interesting history.
It is said to be an unique product that cannot be replicated artificially.
Minyak para mau, Minyak meaning Oil, Para meaning the and mau meaning want. in other words "the wanted oil".
Originally the tree used to make this oil was thought to be the Lawang Tree, however upon recent testing the results show different properties to testing done on Lawang in the past. So the Paramao Tree and oil are unique and have not previously been tested other than in Indonesia where they were testing to ensure no drugs or poisonous ingredients in the content. A paper on  this oil has been written by the University that has done Jenny and Adam's testing, however is not published yet due to the tree as yet being uncatalogued.
Please read Paramao's story below as told by UDIN.
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