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Derma Magic has many beneficial Igredients including Paramao Root Oil from our Root Filled Bottles, so the potent strength oil. Derma Magic also contains Tea Tree Oil, Medical Grade Coal Tar, Eucalyptus Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Bayleaf Oil and Aloe Vera. Non oily or greasy, quick absorption and great on all areas of your body. Use on age spots, acne, scars and all skin conditions, and acne, use as a moisturiser or a shaving cream. This cream has many uses. Great for people who would on occasions prefer a milder scent but still want the benefit of Paramao Oil. Not for Pain relief.In development for over 20 years by a SA Naturopath. Released 3 years ago after adding the final ingredient Paramao Oil.

Derma Magic - Skin Care Cream - 100mls

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