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Q: Can I reinfuse my Paramao Root Oil and if so how long can I continue to infuse oils with the Paramao Root?

A: Yes you can with the Paramao Oil Refill provided from authorised Resellers on our Buy Here page. For best results and maximum potency we recommend replacing the root at least every 6-12 months, depending on how many times your bottle has been refilled. For best results use Paramao Oil bought as a refill. Olive oil, Almond Oil and Coconut Oil can be used as natural alternative oils to add, however results will not be as good and they will clog up the root , which stops it from exuding all its goodness.




Q: How do I infuse the Paramao Root?

A: Once your bottle of Paramao Oil is half full, simply pour some of the contents of Paramao Oil Refill into your bottle of Paramao Oil and shake well for 10-15 seconds. The potency of the root will infuse more with time, however you should have the effects of the root retain with infused oil within half an hour of infusing. For best results let it stand overnight.



Q: Can I use other oils to infuse with the Paramao Root?

A: Yes you can, although we advise against it, as it lessons the effect of the oil and also its natural thermal affect. Although Paramao Oil will provide you with maximum potency and effectiveness and works to relieve all listed ailments. You can infuse with an oil that will best suit your skin type and ailment you are experiencing. If deciding to infuse with different a oil we highly recommend you choose a natural oil that is free of additives. Olive oil, Almond Oil and Coconut Oil are all reasonable natural alternative oils to add.



Q: Why does my bottle look different to the one I bought in Bali?

A: To minimise freight costs when sending this product overseas, we import our Paramao Oil in plastic bottles. It is exactly the same oil if purchasing the oil off the authorised sellers in Bali. Some Bali products are only 50/60mls or 100mls, ours are  250mls with the addition of a 100ml purse pack. Another reason may be that you have purchased an inferior fake product, if so, you will find that our product will have much more success, apply and glide on easier, not leave an oily residue or stain anything. The original Paramao Oil is lighter in colour than the fake product as it does not have a dye and therefore will not stain clothing or bedding.



Paramao Tree
Q: How long is my bottle of Paramao likely to last?

A: This depends on how many people in your family use the oil and how many things on the list of uses it is used for. A 250ml bottle will usually last 1 person 6 months with daily use.



Q: Why does the Paramao bottle with the Root cost the same as the refill without the Root?

A: The refill bottle without the root can hold more of the Paramao oil. So you are ending up with more oil instead of the root in your bottle, hence saving you some cost and by refilling your root filled bottle you also use the root to its fullest effect.



Q: How can I become involved in selling this product to my family and friends who all want to use it?

A: Paramao Advocates, Retail Outlets and Distributors in all areas are welcomed and you can contact us from the Contact Us page, send us an email or phone us to apply or just to get more information.



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