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How to Apply

When applying Paramao Oil, the hotter the area you are applying to, the hotter the oil will feel. The heat will last for approximately 3-8 minutes.
If you want it to feel some heat, have a hot shower first or apply a                         to the area prior to or after application or wipe with a hot cloth or flannel before.
If you want it to feel cooler, apply an                           to cool the area or use a cool flannel prior to application. This is all to do with open pores and absorbtion.

Please be aware the heat felt does not relate to the effectiveness of the oil. The Oil will do its job no matter whether you feel heat or not.

We advise application for pain to at least be morning and night (the nighttime application will allow you a better nights sleep). However as this is a natural product, and you cannot overdose on it, application up to six times a day when first using can be very effective.

How It Works - The oil is absorbed in to the body because of the light viscosity and the Moisturiser, the Analgesic relieves some of the pain which allows the Anti-Inflammatory to get in and do its job, relieving some Inflammation which in turn removes more pain. The more you use the oil, the less you need to.

Heat Pack
Paramao Root Oil will also moisturise your skin with its naturally occurring moisturising properties. When looking for the right massage oil Paramao Root Oil is superior. It’s suitable for all skin types, non-allergic, won’t clog pores and is free from traces of nuts. Of interest is the fact that this product does not contain latex, and has no nasty additives.

Does not need washing off, you can get dressed or jump in to bed straight after application.

Disclaimer: The TGA have not been approached for Therapeutic Goods listing of Paramao Oil . All claims mentioned have been based on users' experiences. 
Note: Do not swallow large amounts and avoid eye contact, it will sting for a short period of time, no damage. May sting on genitalia, but the sting will subside. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.



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