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This is an internal tonic and it is taken as a specific dose.

As such we do not sell this in our online SHOP.

To purchase or for more information,

please email,

or SMS or Call 0407 776 776  

More Interesting Facts:

What is the best methylene blue?

Industrial grade MB has up to 11% impurities as well. Your safest choice is USP (pharmaceutical grade) Methylene Blue that documents its purity and potency. The Methylene Blue we sell is USP grade.

Is methylene blue anti aging?

Especially when skin is exposed to certain environmental risk factors such as UV radiation, increasing oxidative damage will decrease collagen synthesis and increase collagen breakdown, leading to accelerated aging. Antioxidants such as MB can therefore protect skin and slow down the aging process.

Does methylene blue speed up metabolism?

Methylene Blue improves metabolism by: Improving mitochondrial function and respiration, oxygen consumption, ATP production, and glucose consumption

Does methylene blue help hair growth?

In addition to reducing wrinkles and age spots on your face, methylene blue can also help with hair growth due to its ability to stimulate cell regeneration in follicles located on the scalp.

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